Go Deep is an awarded process-based game that brings together groups of people to work in community on themes that are present on a deeper level, yet affect our daily interaction. Go Deep combines is a deepening and a synthesis of 2 existing methodologies: The Oasis Game and Processwork. With support of the European Union, GENE, the European comission and a wide community of supporters the game has since 2015 been in development and applied in various communities across Europe.

We created exciting, useful and fun ways to help youth workers and people to learn together and to develop the skills they need to engage and transform communities. The game allows a group of participants to explore what’s needed in the givencontext to work with and to choose one of the ‘lines’ of the game to work on personal-, group- and community awareness. 

It was initially conceived to support leadership and facilitation with groups of young people. Over the network of partners applying it have seen it responds to various needs to work on community challenges around (a.o.) diversity, privilige and supressed feelings. In 2016 the first Go deep game was hosted in Puglia, Italy and from that moment onwards the network has been applying more than 20 projects, workshops and trainings in 6 countries.

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Find out more about our new Go Deep programs, the upcoming projects, our partners and the different gamelines. The Go Deep game will be soon downloadable on this site.