Creativity: To awaken creativity, is to awaken the resources you have available in yourself, in a group and in the community. Creativity builds on itself, so that the more a community knows about the creative resources and talents it has the more willing others are to show theirs. Expressing creativity resources faith in what people can do and excites other people to develop their own creativity too.

Working with this line serves:

… To know the resources and talents that a group or a community has.

… To experiment with new ways of working in the community context.

… To motivate a group or a community in their current challenges.

… To learn new strategies to face problems on a personal level, group and community.

… To start working from a community approach.

Example; Also in Athens (664,046 inhabitants), within the GoToDivers project, creativity was played, 10 people were doing individual and collective work on the subject of creativity, in this case, most of the people who played this line, They raised the challenge of passing their own limits with this issue. This took the community and focused on the visibility of individual and collective talents. A snack was organized to showcase these talents and a collective mural was made with the individual talents of the people, of all ages, who participated in the center where the game was played.