The diversity line helps you and your team explore the diversity in the neighbourhood and community. When people understand differences then this can have a big impact on relationships and also on what communities can practically do. Sometimes people are scared by differences but meeting new people and getting to know the difference can often surprise us and it provides a lot the raw material for human creativity.

Working with this line serves;

… To get to know the group and the community better from a diversity perspective.

… To connect with the importance of working in and for diversity.

… To incorporate people and different points of view to our daily work.

… To give space to people and points of view normally marginalized.

… To be open to change our usual work processes, incorporating other points of view

Example; In the Godeep that we played in Grotallie, we played the line of diversity. The group was very diverse, different nationalities, from different continents. The group progressively played the cards, discussed topics like what it means to be a majority, or a minority … sharing these reflections with the community. Dialogue spaces were created in which conflicting interactions appeared in the community, which could be worked on in the small group. In the end, the group decided to make an intercultural celebration, emphasizing that all people felt invited, all people from an open approach to diversity. In that snack there was music from many parts of the world, there was food from different places and above all a space of connection was created to celebrate diversity.