The feelings-line focusses on finding out feelings can really help everyone. Many people have emotions and feelings about life, their neighbourhood and community but never get a chance to explore or to express these emotions. This can be a crucial first step to building community and a sense of solidarity amongst people who have not yet connected with each other.

Working with this line serves;

… To deepen the knowledge of a group or a community.

… To build bridges between different people within a community.

… To create a space of emotional expression that may need a group or a community.

… To know in another way, a deeper way to the members of a group.

… To work on issues that may be difficult for the group to face.

Example;  In October 2016, in Grotaglie (32,144 inhabitants) in southern Italy, this line was played, simultaneously with another 2, at a meeting of different entities and people from Europe, hosted by an association (Babele) that works with refugees . The group of players was composed of people from different parts of Europe, volunteers from the association, people from other associations in the municipality and refugee boys. During the development of the line the group decided to make a “map of emotions” of the city center, at first the group was working on emotions internally, sharing this work with the community in the form of small theater pieces , which helped to reflect on emotions and to be able to have meaningful conversations with neighbors using and jointly constructing the map of emotions.