Power line

Power and Rank: Most of us are not good at recognising our own power or estimating correctly  the power of other people. Many things affect how we think of ourselves and other people and so this line explores how our perceptions can be brought up to date and how we can clearly identify our personal and collective power so we can all make a difference.


Working with this line serves;

… To bring awareness to the dynamics of power in our collectives and communities.

… To know the diversity behind social dynamics.

… To face in a different way the issue of power in a group or a community

… To help people, groups and communities connect with their own power.

… To work on issues that may be difficult for the group to face.

Example; In the month of May 2018 in Portugal in the municipality of Setúbal, in the fishing district of Santo Domingo (52,000 inhabitants), GoDeep was played, within the European program GoDeep in education. Santo Domingo is a neighborhood of fishermen of the most disadvantaged in the city, with a larger population and problems of limited services. More than 50 people participated in the game, the group decided to play the line of power, creativity and union. Different community actions were carried out: a mural where the community was reflecting the powers of the neighborhood, a photocall in which people were showing their superpower, playing the power line, other actions were also taken. The result was exposed in a community party that was already scheduled for that date, which was supported and content from GoDeep.