Togetherness line

This line explore how we are all connected. We all make an impact on other people and others affect how we are. We often don’t realise how a wall change that we make can make a huge difference to others. This line explores the idea …“I am because you are and because we are therefore I am.”

Working with this line serves

… To generate a sense of belonging to the group and / or community.

… To connect from the action, to know yourself doing.

… To initiate or reactivate community work from our organization.

… To know the resources and talents that we have around us.

… To reactivate a community process that requires the participation of different people.


Example; In March 2017 within the GoToDivers program, this line was played in Athens (664,046 inhabitants) with 2 more lines, in a European Training from the perspective of diversity. We played in the Kolonos Neighborhood, around the headquarters of Action Against Hunger in Athens. A group of 15 people played this line, whose final result was a collective theater play, which was shown to the community in a park, in which the need to be connected was expressed, during the work posters were placed in the park with positive messages, at the end a collective poetry was read. Before carrying out this action, the group was talking with the neighbors of the neighborhood and identifying the emerging issues in it.