Vision line

Vision: The vision line explores, hopes, dreams and desires for the future. What different ideas exist inside you, in your team and out there in the individuals and groups that make up your community. When dreams are shared and developed together they give hope and direction. With this direction plans can be made. Without a vision communities are often lost.

Working with this line serves:

… To collectively build the common vision of a working group.

… To imagine different future scenarios in a community.

… To incorporate into our work the vision of the community from a diversity approach.

… To have a starting point from which to plan our actions.

… To reactivate processes that we feel are standing

Example; In the municipality of Lozoya (576 inhabitants), in 2017, this line was played to support the process of collective management of a community space, the courtyard of the convent. In this space there had been a participatory process two years ago, the driving team of this space decided to play Godeep to support the process of “vision” about the space, with the idea of reactivating the process that had decreased in participation and also learning a new tool A group of 10 players played the whole line, ending with a final community event of 100 people. The game was part of a course on community dynamization, in which there was a module called “tools for community dynamization”.