Alexandra Vassiliou

Alexandra Vassiliou is a Processworker, conflict resolution facilitator, trainer, and community worker. She studied Agricultural Engineering (specializing in Agricultural Economy) at the Agricultural University of Athens, and was trained in Systems Theory and its Application in the Human Sciences at the Athenian Institute of Anthropos. She later trained in Processwork (Diploma in Process Work) at the Process Work Institute, Oregon, USA, and completed graduate studies in Social Psychology (Ph.D. in Social Psychology) at the Union Institute, Ohio, USA. She lives in Greece, and works locally and internationally. She is a founding member of the Processwork Hub in Athens and collaborates with public and private organizations, NGOs, schools and universities.

In her work as a facilitator, trainer and group supervisor, she supports groups in their team building, communication and conflict resolution skills. She is interested in human experiences, as expressed through the body, dreams and relationships and the connections between personal and social/political change.

Experience with Process Work and Elos Philosophy:
Alexandra has been involved with Processwork since 1990. In this approach she found the necessary tools and a deeper understanding of human experiences internally, as we all as in relationships and in the world. She has taught Processwork in Greece and internationally since 1996, facilitating seminars that are addressed to professionals (therapists, social workers, school teachers, health professionals, etc). She is also a faculty member for training programs in Processwork in Greece, Slovakia and Spain.