I am a facilitator, trainer, researcher and project coordinator and I work with an Action-Research approach, coordinating projects and developing research in the Faculty of Sciences of the Lisbon University in the CE3C research centre. I am interested in creating and managing sustainable landscapes and also in improving the community social, economic and governance relations that can support and maintain healthy communities and resilient landscapes.

As a participatory-action-researcher I am also interested in experimenting the GoDeep Game in different contexts to evaluate its performance and continuously improve it and adapt it to support community development, cohesion and empowerment.

In the past, always working in teams, I have developed tailor-made participatory methods for different contexts, namely for the planning of adaptation to climate change at several levels such as inter-municipal, municipal or farm level. I work using participatory action research since 2012 and before that I have worked 9 years in rural local development, experimenting and developing new methods and approaches for community building, namely to create a sustainable village. In between, I am and have been a frequent conference spokesperson, a professional trainer, facilitator and project coordinator, leading and/or supporting innovation for sustainability.

Experience with Processwork and Elos Philosophy
I have joined the GoDeep game facilitation team only in 2018. My experience in GoDeep facilitation is complemented with my experience in facilitating, implementing and training on different methods and approaches such as ABCD – Asset Based Community Development, Transition Towns trainer, Participatory-Action-Research, Permaculture Design, Open Space Technology, Dragon Dreaming, Deep Ecology and the Work that Reconnects, Scenario Workshop, World Café, Fish Bowl, Sociocracy 3.0 and more.