Conchi Piñeiro

A trainer, a postdoctoral researcher and a facilitator, with integral sustainability as the core goal and passion for different methods and approaches. Founder and an employee of Altekio, a collective experience of entrepreneurship within social and solidarity economy framework, that helps me to catalyse entrepreneurship and collective leadership in different projects. My role in Altekio is project coordinator, as a result of years of experience in coordinating projects.

I have been part of different social and community movements for more than 20 years. ​My experience of living and working in different countries (UK, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Morocco, etc.) connects me with my search for diversity. 

As a researcher, current member of the Laboratory of Socioecosystems (UAM), I have published more than 30 articles, conference papers, book chapters, etc. and teach in several Master programmes.

Experience with Process Work and Elos Philosophy: 

“My relationship with Elos Philosophy starts in Oaxaca (Mexico) where I cofacilitated Warriors Without Weapons Programme with some Elos Institute members and a local team of facilitators. Since then, I have been applying and deepening in the Oasis Game and other applications in experiences like Oasis Copenhague (2009), Oasis Training in London (2012), Oasis Training Barcelona (2014), Oasis Lozoya (2016), etc. I participated as a warrior in WWW 2014 in Brazil.

My first contact with Process Work is through group facilitation in 2001 and years after learning at different workshops. I have been studing formally Process Work since 2011, currently being Phase II student of Process Work Diploma at Barcelona. I apply it in my trainings and interventions as a group facilitator, and I have been since 2015 accompanying people in their individual processes.”