The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) is an initiative of 25 private foundations with the goal of strengthening the role of civil society in building inclusive communities and in developing humane and sustainable responses to migration, based on Europe’s commitment to universal human rights and social justice.

EPIM Communication Grant

Go Deep has in a relative short time developed into a tool, program and brand which provokes a lot of interest. Yet not necessarily everybody understands what it is really about, what the impact and added value can be. Our biggest need and opportunity is to create clearer messages and tools around the impact and the added value of the Go Deep Program and game to three key target groups: i) potential participants to the game; ii) potential partners who want to host it in their community/city; and iii) potential financial supporters.

For this reason, we are working to develop an impact data collection and communication tool (in form of leaflet) thatis based on our theory of change.

We have an inspiring way of communicating the feelings, principles and our images speak what could happen. But we need additionally a more down to earth, factual and logical story of impact, connected to the theory of change that we have already developed as part of the impact assessment study made by team Fciências team (University of Lisbon).

We are on our way thanks to de EPIM Communication Grant project which will finish by the end of 2020.

EPIM Learning Grant

The Go Deep network has since 2016 developed a gamified community development format that involves diverse community members and stakeholders to transform their relationship and environment based on deep immersive learning-by-doing processes. We have applied community interventions in over 20 places in 8 countries in 3 years, with a strong focus on inclusion, especially of migrants and refugees.

This initiative is presented by organizations that have developed a strong learning culture and that developed and conducted a social impact assessment anchored on a co-created Theory of Change. Based on own observations and the EPIM evaluation feedback, it’s concluded that this is an area of work that requires and deserves improvements.

Thanks to the communication grant that we already got, we will collect stories that will be shared, but we aim to have a knowledge-system in which stories and data keep being collected and systematized in the future, when the grants are ended.