Go Deep and Go Beyond is an exploration how to bring more conscious awarness to our day to day interactions at the community or neighborhood level. Because polarisation seems more likely, almost in every interaction these days, then ever when we want to be inclusive and embrace diversity, many unconscious or unintended dynamics will be activated. So how can we work with the dynamic of our inner world and our direct environment? What role does each of us play in this? Residents, institutions, NGOs, activists, politicians, business owners, you and me?
Many would say that we are experiencing a clash of world views, as seen globally, internationally and nationally, in our streets and neighborhoods. To be truely inclusive we have to find a way to include all the voices in the field, including the voice that sayse that says ‘no’. How can we go beyond a dynamic of Them&us?  How do we find the way to move forward together?

Go Deep and Go Beyond: Exhibition

This Exposition presents 16 images taken at the Go Deep programmes hosted in four communities across the continent. The accompanying stories are an artist impression and interpretation. They help us connect with the deeper experience behind the different voices and diversity in a community. Our discovery is that there’s a space beyond words and concepts that polarise us, there’s a deeper essence. A space where we can learn to see and feel differently. During the four Go Deep games that infomed this exhibiton, the goal was to go beyond usual themes in diversity and focus on actual contact and how people meet.
This is where the real change happens, moment to moment, in connections and interactions between people. This is exhibition profiles how relationships can be built from observation of the seemingly small elements, that reflect how processes and experiences we are less aware of affect our capacity to include and welcome the other or ourselves.

Go Deep Open House: 2 day Festival in Amsterdam

9-10 th March 2019: 2 day learning exchange Festival in Amsterdam, with forums, different engaging dialogue spaces, workshops, exhibitions and exchanges about what we need to learn together to move to a deeper level of cooperation. We invite you to join this conversation and bring your experience, for us all to learn together.

Join the Online Conversation

How can we go Go Deep and Go Beyond? How can we understand better the  dynamics of power, privilege, the importance of embracing diversity, but also the voice that says ‘no’?
What can be the role and the power of community in all of this?
We are interested in your thoughts and reflections about what you see, feel and think. Discover our online resources, Share your feedback, thoughts and ideas using  #GoDeepandGoBeyond on Social Media, and be ready to join our next Online Conversation around these hot and active topics.
Our conversation is part of the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, which supports community programs that bring deeper dialogue and cooperation between migrants, refugees and host communities. Please consider supporting the Go Deep participants and communities with your donation.