Exploring the essence beyond Them&US

Many would say that we are experiencing a clash of world views, as seen on both global and national levels, on our streets and neighborhoods. Polarisation seem more likely in every interaction. Even if we want to be inclusive and embrace diversity, many unconscious or unintended dynamics, fears, hutrs, passions and histories may activated.

Go Deep Open House is a 2 day learning exchange Festival guided by two overall questions: ‘How can we create spaces and experiences of radical inclusion?’ and ‘How can we go deep in our interactions, discover what is possible so that we can embrace other perspectives and GoBeyond together?’

In this time we think these questions can be guides, offer pathways for our organisations, in our communities and in ourselves. We’ll dive deep into this 2 day programme with two forums, dialogue spaces of different kinds, workshops, exhibitions and a deep exchange about what we need to learn together to move to a deeper level of cooperation. We invite you to join this conversation and bring your experience, for us all to learn together.

9th of March – Saturday morning session: Getting ready

Guiding question: How can we create spaces and experiences of radical inclusion?

In the morning session we’ll get ready to dive deep and explore the two main questions underlying Go Deep Open House. You’ll discover application of Go Deep Game in various European communities. With our international community of guests we’ll embark on a research trip to get ready to dive deep by mapping out who we are and explore what’s underneath the question and experiences we bring.

9th of March –  Saturday afternoon session: Going deep in me & the group

Guiding question: ‘How can we go deep in our interactions and what are possibilities to embrace all perspectives and GoBeyond together?’

In the afternoon Go Deep Open House will offer a variety of workshops and sessions to learn and work with principles and practices to embrace different and seemingly opposed perspectives. Sessions will have an extra focus on dynamics that come up in communities where refugees, migrants and local residents meet.

10th of March – Sunday morning sessions: Going deep in community and the world

Guiding question: How can we embrace diversity without creating more polarization? What role does each of us play in this? Residents, institutions, NGOs, activists, politicians, businesses, you and me?

Sunday morning of Go Deep Open House an open forum and group process will be facilitated with all guests to work deeper with the different roles we embody in systems. What are our different roles at different moments as individuals in the world. And based on the Open Forum method we’ll dive deep into the difficulties of embracing diverse perspectives in ourselves and are interactions with others.

10th of March – Sunday afternoon sessions: Arriving

Guiding question: And how do we find the way to move forward together?

In the afternoon Go Deep Open House will offer a variety of workshops and sessions to take the key learnings into policy proposals, personal and professional practice, community work and direct action.

Practical information

Dates: 9th & 10th of March

Location: De Meevaart – Balistraat 48A, 1094 JN Amsterdam

Times: daily from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Includes: full day program, incl. lunch, coffee / tea.

Optional: we can offer you a 2 night to stay in Amsterdam, check our crowdfunding!

Cost and registration: Participation costs at the event are €50, -*.

All proceeds go to the crowdfunding campaign for the communities and participants who are supported and are supported by the Go Deep Program in 3


During the Go Deep Open House in Amsterdam around 90 participants from close by and far away came together for a 2-day learning journey. Guided by the question: how can we go deep in our interactions, embrace all perspectives and Go Beyond together?

Did you miss the event? Take a look on the stunning drawings realized by Machteld Aardse of De Beeldvormers and breathe the atmosphere of the Conference