Go Deep and Go Beyond: Diversity

An exposition that presents 16 images captured at Go Deep Games in four communities across Europe.

Showing in 7 cities from February 1st until April 1st 2019

🔻 Amsterdam (Netherlands): 4/3 – 18/3

🔻 Athens (Greece): 1/2 – 10/2

🔻 Bologna (Italy): 24/2 – 10/3

🔻 Edinburgh (Scotland): dates TBA

🔻 Lecce (Italy): 15/3 – 30/3

🔻 Madrid (Spain): 6/2 – 25/2

🔻 Setùbal (Portugal): 16/3 – 30/3
(more details soon)

It’s an exploration of the deeper experience behind all the voices within a community. By creating spaces where people are more deeply understood, where they can join together to explore shared and differing motivations,  the project strives to go beyond the sometimes polarising attitudes and expectation that can often undermine our attempts to move forward. Capturing transformation is difficult, so the exhibition aims to show some intimate moments of connection that appear to turn a whole life around but that could otherwise pass by unnoticed. We have found that it is these small moments that make the difference so that lasting change is more likely. We want introduce you to varied communities where we have experienced sustained periods of cohesion and agreement. Where a sense of connection has deepened, so that division and separateness have less impact. In this exhibition we want to share these moments of transformation and possibility with you.

Our discovery is that beyond the words and concepts that polarise us, there is a deeper essence. By getting in touch with that, we can learn to see differently. These are the Stories behind the pictures:

The four Go Deep events that informed this exhibition had the goal of going beyond the surface themes of diversity to focus on relationships and contact. The exhibition profiles how relationships are built from increasing the awareness we have in seemingly small moments of contact. It shows that within ordinary interactions our unconscious assumptions or how we should behave, affect our capacity to include deeper parts of ourselves and the other.  Personal interaction provides the basis for wide scale change. This takes dedicated contact and awareness of how tiny changes can build up to eventually transform communities. Through this learning we have uncovered a process that can be used in different types and shapes of community: To help citizens and community members discover and create their own paths toward inclusion.

The four Go Deep games exhibited are supported by the EU’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme (2014-2020) under the project Go Deep Together in Diversity.  In these four games over 100 people directly participated as “players”, while well over 500 community-members were also involved, helping to set up 10 collaborative community-events and urban interventions to change the shape of the neighbourhood.

This exhibition is created by Punes, our partners and an Italian production company that aims to spread Art and Culture in all their shapes.

This exhibition developed for and financially supported by the European Commission under the Justice Programme & Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.