Altekio, based in Madrid, Spain, is a private non-profit social enterprise (a cooperative), created in January 2008.

Our main objective is to promote sustainable lifestyles for people and organizations in order to move towards a more resilient society,economy and planetary living.

Altekio contributes with its expertise in a systemic and comprehensive approach to address sustainability within their projects by means of integrating the ecological, social and economic dimensions in theory and practice. Altekio is an organization with a longexperience in leading processes of social transformation and innovation.

As trainers, consultants and researchers in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability, its members provide services like the support in the facilitation of leadership, organizational transformation, community empowerment and social entrepreneurship.

Based on the belief that the means to reach the objectives are key elements, Altekio uses innovative methodologies such as social technologies (Open Space, World Cafe, Pro-action cafe…), the Oasis game, future scenario planning, Process Work, etc.

Since the beginning as organization, Altekio has co-worked with other social enterprises, sharing offices and resources.This is a reflection of Altekio’s organizational culture of cooperation and collaboration.

In this sense, Altekio is also part of a cooperative group (Tangente Grupo Cooperativo – that brings together 14 social enterprises and almost 90 workers.

Some projects are developed jointly with some of these organizations and others networks that we are involved in.

Altekio is involved in “Madrid Social Market (MSM)”, which is a network composed by more than 100 social enterprises and consumer groups, aiming to become a reference in the transformation of the economy into field that takes into account the human scale, by considering the social and ecological impacts in addition to the economical one. The MSM has its own local and complementary social currency system, called the “boniato”.