Emiliano has been working with groups for almost 20 years in different fields and with different people. He is an expert in applying and managing different kinds of projects, especially EU projects for youth mobility and international volunteering experiences. He is the coordinator of Xena Centro scambi e dinamiche interculturali, a cultural association based in Padova (Italy) that works in the intercultural field both at local and international level, fostering the meeting among different cultures and promoting intercultural learning.

The experience in Go Deep! was for him an incredible opportunity to go more inside Process Work and Oasis Game and to see the possibility to use them together to create positive change in local community, changing the world game after game.

The ability to discover talents and beauty all around you is a wonderful gift that Go deep! gave to him. His favorite line is the Feeling’s one because it is one of the most important field to work in and at the same time one of the biggest edge inside people and inside communities.