No one has ever played Go Deep Game online, no one has ever dared, no one even thought about it, but the current situation, pushes us beyond our comfort zone! We will start with our new line: Reslience. So, let’s play the Game!

But first, how does it work? 

Every Wednesday for 5 weeks we publish a new letter ir our Facebook fanpage.
After the 5th week we will hold a big online event which we will announce soon.
Although the information will be published, to make it easier for you to get the information every week we invite you to leave your contact here in order to provide the information during the game:…/1FAIpQLScznts1JxtwdkqQb…/viewform…

What to to with the published Card?

1.- Read the letter in a place you are comfortable with.
2.- Follow the instructions: Each card will propose a challenge that will increase every step.
3.-When we ask you to share an exercise or reflection with someone, we invite you to share it with a neighbor, either from your home or from your online community.
4 .- Invite him or her to participate and register to keep playing, the more we are, the more fun it will be!
5.- Once the challenge is over, you will have something to share: share it in the comments section of the card you played, either in photos, drawings, music, poems, or in the way that is best for you!

Our goal

To enjoy and share in a process of creation and collective learning around the theme of Resilience, in the current context in which we live.

For any question, please do not hesitate to add a comment in this post or in our social media profiles and we will answer you as soon as possible!

First Challenge

As this is the letter of introduction, we propose here the challenge

1.- Read it in a comfortable place, calmly. Note as you read it what happens to you: feelings? thoughts come to you?

2- Share the card with someone you would like a friend to play, or it could be with you: a friend? someone you have thought is missing for all of us to be there.

3.-Invite them to read it as you have done, or read it together.

4.- Share with him or her your thoughts, ideas, fears, dreams…

5.- Share with us any ideas or thoughts that have come up from the sharing between you both in the comments below (use the format you like best: recording your reflections in an audio file, making a drawing, a photo, a poem, whatever you like!)

6.- If you want to go a step further, share your reflections in the way you can imagine it would be the most beautiful in the universe!