The cultural association ComuniTazione was founded in Ceglie Messapica, in the province of Brindisi, south of Italy in 2013, to build a winning project of the Puglia Region Call for innovative ideas, Principi Attivi 2012.ComuniTazione encourages and promotes the bottom up participation, the co-design at various levels, institutional and not, innovation in social dynamics through active citizenship activation.

Studying and using communication as active listening, speaking on the territory and fostering the creation of places and spaces for the meeting, the spread of ideas and the recovery of the sense of community.The tools to activate the participatory processes are ancient but also experimental, sensitive to the peculiarities of the historical period and socio / economic context.
Comunitazione has a profound ecological approach and is committed to promoting respect for the environment, resource recycling and reuse, beauty care, the development of ecological awareness at the individual and societal level and the value of responsibility and sustainability.
Taking inspiration from ecosystems, Comunitazione wants to bring out the hidden simplicity in complex systems, the richness of biodiversity.
We also want to celebrate the profound joy that can break free in socializing, sharing and participate in the process of change.
From 2012 comuniTazione started work to facilitate community processes in south of Italy (Puglia) and in other Italian regions: in particular it worked to empower networks in the social field.
We organized several events, using participatory methods as World Cafè, Open Space Technology, Oasis Game to collaborate with several association in the italian field.
We work with associations and national and international partners (Italia che Cambia, Armamaxa Theatre, NasoNaso Social Clown, Process Work Italy, Casanetural, Ex Fadda, Casarmonica, Facilitation Map, Action Aid, Altekio, etc …) on projects concerning issues of facilitation, participation and vostruzione of supportive communities.

We experience games to develop the ability to collaborate, work in groups with a focus on the relationship and leadership issues.
We work on the relationship between Social Clown facilitation intervention technique, in collaboration with the association NasoNaso Socialclown.
We take care to design participatory events, in order to break the traditional pattern of the meeting / conference in which knowledge is transmitted in a unidirectional mode, exploring innovative ways to bring out the collective intelligence aimed toward co-design and conflict evolution.
We use storytelling as a tool for meeting and report to develop dynamics of deep listening aimed, among other things, to bring out the empathy between individuals.
We are studying the phenomenon of the sharing economy to produce social innovation realizing social projects developing sustainability on various levels.
We handmade and published the ‘Cards and book of Facilitation’, an innovative tool to work on facilitation.
We are spreading the themes of Processwork and Deep Democracy throughout Italy, organizing several workshops with international teachers and supporting the italian school.