Diversity Matters was formed in 2001 by Pat Black and Andy Smith, motivated by their shared passion for a more inclusive world.

Over the years we have helped developed alternative community based and locally rooted organisations.

Our current focus is to develop new ways of bringing together the potential gifts and contributions of all. We organise events and forums that bring different interest groups together in order to help organisations or communities change creatively and usefully.

The projects we develop are always evolving as we move more towards fostering inclusive practice within small scale local initiatives in Scotland.

We also work as facilitators and consultants on a wide range of national training and development projects bringing together different interest groups and encouraging partnerships.

We teach and run training courses on a wide range of issues including person-centred planning, community building, diversity, deep-democracy and facilitation.

Good relationships are the key to how we work. We bring together people who use services, workers and families in forums that aim for ‘right relationships’. We use an approach called “Deep Democracy”, which brings awareness to and values all viewpoints and experiences. We like to design from the bottom up and we have a track record in the  development of new services and organisations that keep the person and/ or their family at the centre and in-control. Self-directed Support is now the way most social care is administered in Scotland and we know it can be an innovative way to help enrich individual and community life and there is already a lot of knowledge about how to make it happen well.