The Processwork Hub is a network of professionals using Processwork and its applications in individual, relationship, group and community work. It was founded in 1998, by Lena Aslanidou, M.A.P.W., Alexandra Vassiliou, Ph.D. and Lily Vassiliou, Ph.D.

Its activities include adult education, development of awareness practice skills, conflict resolution, organisational consulting, and community work.

The Processwork Hub offers training seminars that focus on inner work and personal development, as well as the development of professional skills. Using the philosophy and theory of the Processwork paradigm, the trainings focus on topics such as body symptoms, dreams, relationships, altered and extreme states of consciousness, addictions, creativity, conflict resolution, group process facilitation, supervision etc.

The Processwork Hub collaborates with the private and public sector offering team building, team supervision, experiential training in communication, facilitation and conflict resolution. It is also involved in various projects around community work. Community work takes various forms, such as: Open Group Processes, Open Forums, Crisis intervention (work in crisis situations in schools), Projects involving awareness raising around issues of social marginalisation (such as theater work combined with open dialogue). The Processwork Hub is also the representative of the Grundkraft programs in Greece, Teachers Empowered and Leaders Empowered.

The Athenian Institute of Anthropos, (A.I.A.) is a Center for Research, Training and Development of Applications in the Behavioral – Social Sciences of Anthropos (the Greek word for Human Being, that is, the ‘’Whole Person’’). It belongs to the Society for the Advancement of Human Relations Research, (S.A.H.R.R.), which is a professional non-profit association, founded in 1963 by Drs. George and Vasso Vassiliou and is based in Athens, Greece.

The Α.Ι.Α. was conceived of, and, since then, functions as a collective academic effort based on the process of co-creating, co-producing and sharing amongst the Anthropos Institute Associates who are all social scientists.

The Anthropos Institute uses a Systemic – Dialectic Psychosocial Approach according to which “Anthropos”, is conceptualized αs α biopsychosocial, open, information-processing, decision-making, Anotropic System. This approach evolves in the context of the ‘whole’ which emerges from the interconnectedness of processes at different levels – that of the individual, the family, the group, the community, the society, the world at large. It is a multi-level, multi-focal intervention model and uses milieu-specific cultural research.