After the international Go Deep facilitators’ meeting, we have started to prepare a list to support the international network to self-organise while we are preparing material to support facilitators in explaining to donors and stakeholders, in a simple, clear and direct way, what the Go Deep Game is and how it can be useful for communities to face the challenges ahead.  We are working on these new materials thanks to EPIM – European Programme for Integration and Migration.
We know that it is a powerful tool to work with communities on global challenges such as the economic, environmental, social and health crisis in which we are immersed, in the multiple ways that these manifest themselves: racism, isolation, climate change, extreme polarization or the drama that immigrants life in refugee camps.
We have a commitment with this world and we support all those who feel this commitment.
We want to thanks also our colleague Conchi Piñeiro from Altekiowho gave a presentation of the game to the students of the three-year facilitation course offered by Fil a l’Agulla(Barcelona, Catalonia) in collaboration with the Trabajo de Procesos Faculty in Spain.
During the meeting, a new infographic was presented, collecting 10 highlights of the game that were selected from a consultation to all the international network.