On the 16th December we meet online as Go Deep International community of Facilitators to continue working on building this global network that seeks, from the spirit of play and collective creation, to expand and take shape in something that is useful and at the service of people and communities who feel the call!
In the meeting the new approach to measure the social impact of the game was presented, moving from a former Theory of Change to a Narrative of Transformation, which offers a framework in which transformations are generated at a personal, group and social/cultural level. The qualities that are transformed were drawn from the stories we have collected over the years from people who have participated in the game.

This research and development of new impact measurement tools has been achieved thanks to the support of EPIM -European Programme for Integration and Migration.

Here you can see the document presenting the progress of the investigation.

As a result of the new Social Impact Assessment Tool, we have created new cards that integrate indications to collect tranformational impact data. You can find them below this text.
We love to share with you this journey and we are open to your questions and contributions. Play the Game!