Go Deep Open Works: “Exploring the essence beyond Them&US”

Many would say that we are experiencing a battle of world views, as seen in the world, on the national level, in our streets and neighborhoods. Polarization Is lurking in every interaction. Even if we want to be inclusive and embrace diversity, many unconscious dynamics are activated. How do we find what it is that we really stand for? And how do we find the way to move forward together? What role does each of us play in this? Residents, institutions, NGOs, activists, politicians, business owners, you and me?

These questions are central to the 2-day event: Go Deep Open Works





















2 days where we’ll share experiences of the application of Go Deep Games and programs in various European communities in international company on a research trip. A diverse program with two forums, dialogue tables, workshops, exhibitions and a deep exchange about what we need to learn together to move to a deeper level of cooperation.

Practical information
Dates: 9th & 10th of March
Location: De Meevaart – Balistraat 48A, 1094 JN Amsterdam
Times: daily from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
Includes: full day program, incl. lunch, coffee / tea.
Optional: we can offer you a 2 night to stay in Amsterdam (!)

Program includes:
Go Deep And Go Beyond Exposition
Dialogue tables
Open Forums
Initiative market
Playing Go deep lines

Cost and registration
Participation costs at the event are €50, -*. All proceeds go to the crowdfunding campaign for the
communities and participants who are supported and are supported by the Go Deep Program in 3
countries. For a contribution of €75, – or more you will receive the Go Deep Emergency Card set as a gift!


*This does not apply if you’re invited by one of the Go Deep EU partners of the gotodiverse project