From Oktober 1 till the 10th the go deep network got together in Grottaglie, the last stop of the european project GO DEEP!

The meeting gathered the 5 european partners to prepare to test the developed game in real-life context. This meant that besides the partners we invited youth from the 4 partners and several local youth and participants from Grottaglie.

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During 6 days we played the game, working with this group and the surrounding the community to work on 3 of the 6 available lines we had developed. During the preparational phase of discovering what is alive in the community the participant choose to work on 3 topics; Diversity, Feelings and Vision. For more information on the lines and the corresponding themes click here.

The diversity line worked on celebrating diversity and deepening relationships around through the organization of a diversity celebration hosted at the Babele centre in the old town.

The Feelings line worked on inviting people to share their feelings about Grottaglie and map it out, provoking different feelings through the use of masks and streettheater.

The Vision line worked on the creation of a new vision for the community living in the old centre and expressing that vision in a collectively created street-art-painting.

On the last day participants reflected on what they learned, what worked well and what not and how to take this forward. This experience is afterwards supported through the Godeep-platform where more information can be found and parts of the game can be downloaded.

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