What experiences of Resilience have we seen in our communities over the past few months? What would increase Transformative Resilience in our communities? What first steps can we take, personally, to support this evolutionary process in our community?

We have met online for the first time to play our new line: Resilience. People from different parts of the world: Spain, USA, Germany, Scotland, Greece, Italy and Holland. We talked and shared deeply about relationships, mutual support, care and vulnerability

  • About overcoming the barrier of communicating online and how this opens up new possibilities that do not conflict with those we already have.
  • We talked about life, about how we live time, how we had been discovering another way of living time during this look down
  • The connection with ourselves and how not to lose it as something wants to bring us back to the frenetic rhythms before the crisis,
  • About the importance of creating spaces that welcome each of us, that invite us to share from who we are and show our authenticity, from our heart without having to go anywhere or achieve anything.
  • Also emerged issues such as #BlackLivesMatter, loneliness, Climate Change, Covid-19 and this lock down that keeps going on in different countries.

Thank you! Yesterday’s event was the closure of a crazy experiment, the opening of new doors and the vision for new paths to follow… Esentially a gift.