Lena Aslanidou

A Processworker, trainer, conflict resolution facilitator and community worker. I completed my Social Work studies at the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences and I was trained in Systems Theory, Family Therapy and Group Dynamics at the Athenian Institute of Anthropos. I was later trained in Processwork (Diploma in Process Work and Master’s in Processwork) at the Process Work Institute, Oregon, USA. I live in Athens and work in Greece and internationally. Together with colleagues I co-founded the Processwork Hub and Processwork Greece. I have a private practice and I collaborate with public and private organizations offering training in communication and conflict resolution skills.

I was always interested in the connection between the inner and the outer, and I believe that inner work and relationship work, as well as the connection with the spiritual aspects of life that connect us to a deeper love, joy and openness are the basis for social change and institutional change.

Experience with Process Work and Elos Philosophy:
I have been involved with Processwork since 1990 when I started my training. In Processwork I found a cohesive approach which was connecting 3 very significant areas of my life and studies, the inner / psychological, the political and the spiritual human experience. Processwork connected in one paradigm what was before separate and even conflicting and gave me the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to understand and work with individuals and groups. Since 1997 I am teaching processwork to professionals as well as individuals that are interested in personal growth. I am a faculty member for the training programs in Greece and Slovakia and an adjunct faculty in the training program in Spain.