A Processwork practitioner, trainer, facilitator, and community worker with a background in Social Work, Systems Theory and Group Dynamics, and a passion for the interconnection between personal and social change. I completed university studies in Social Work and doctoral studies in Psychology, and trained in Systems Theory and Group Dynamics, and Processwork. I live in Greece and work locally and internationally. Together with colleagues I brought Processwork to Greece, and co-founded Processwork Greece and Processwork Hub. I am an associate of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos. Among my interests is Worldwork – the application of Processwork to working with groups, organisations and communities – which involves working with power and rank, diversity and communication issues to create sustainable relationships.

I’m acutely aware of the escalating tensions on our planet, and seek ways to be actively involved in working with them.

I yearn to be part of a collective awareness that can ride this wave of escalation, stay with its intensity and make space for the complexity involved, so that the inherent diversity is seen, appreciated and deepened until it guides us to an underlying common ground – a feeling atmosphere from where a collective wisdom and a momentary sense of community can emerge. I yearn and love being out in nature, through which I experience the mystery of life.

Experience with Process Work and Elos Philosophy:
In Processwork I found a paradigm that views process, i.e., what is happening, as the Teacher; a paradigm that values all experiences and finds treasures hidden in the most troublesome of them. I began studying Processwork in 1991 and completed my official training in 1997. I continue to learn about following the process in each activity I’m involved in. I am currently a member of the faculty of the training programs of Processwork Hub in Athens, Greece, Processwork Spain, in Barcelona, Spain and the Process Work Institute in Portland, USA. I use the Processwork paradigm to make sense and discover the wisdom of the underlying processes in my personal life, and in my professional life while training people, doing supervision, facilitating, doing team-building or helping people in their personal development.