Being an applied anthropologist by education i love to help people to get to the core of the  matter,  to  connect  in  a  genuine  way  and  to  get  individuals  and  groups  ready  for action  independently  and  collectively.  I’m  experienced  in  inclusive  and  interactive processes, cultural change, community building and communication as a trainer, facilitator and host.

I work both independently as a freelance facilitator & as part of the Elos Foundation on projects that spark collective action within communities to strengthen relationships, that believe in the power of diversity and build a future we all dream of. Go Deep is the realisation of one of my own dreams: to find ways to deal with group and relation dynamics in a light way.

Organization – Elos Foundation:

Elos in Portuguese means ‘links’ and stands for the power of transformative relationships constructed in the work we do locally and internationally. Elos is registrered in Holland and Elos´ mission is “to offer innovative solutions for building the best of all worlds in a collective, pleasant way, using methodologies based on the Elos Philosophy and supporting the realization of socially impactful projects locally and globally.”

Experience with Process Work and Elos Philosophy:

“Being part of the Elos Foundation, i’ve been organising, facilitating and training in oasis games since 2011. Since 2014 i’ve been studying deep democracy & nowadays super happy to be a process work student in the Italian school. It’s an amazing journey!