After the Architect degree, has studied different tools and methodologies of facilitation, with a special focus in community building: part of the organization Comunitazione since 2014, works as facilitator, trainer and consultant since 2011. She particularly aims to train groups for a better communication and cooperation, unfolding the power of each element of the system. She’s one of the authors of the book ‘Facilitiamoci – Prendersi cura di gruppi e comunità’, a book to spread facilitation in Italy. She is also a visual facilitator and loves to support the process through visual tools.

Founder of the Processwork School in Italy ( is a phase 1 student: she loves to apply the Processwork fundamentals and to mix them with other methodologies.

She uses Elos philosophy and Oasis Game as bases of participatory processes since 2013 and participated to Warriors Without Weapons in Brazil in 2015: with Comunitazione has facilitated many processes around Italy.