Pat Black

Pat is co-founder and Director of Diversity Matters, Edinburgh, Scotland. She has more than 40 years experience of working in health and social care sectors as well as in a range of community building initiatives.
Pat has been a founder member number of innovative social care organisations including and has been a director in many of those organisations. One current project funded by the Scottish government allows her to lead a diverse team of people with different life experiences in an innovative and exciting project creating new ways for people experiencing marginalisation to engage in community.

She is interested in finding new ways to listen to the experiences of people and hear new voices and works with graphic artists, musicians, theatre professionals, story tellers, animators and other artists to share project learnings and ideas.

Experience of Process Work
As a Processwork Diplomate studying process work since 1997 and qualifying in 2007 Pat has had roles in different process work schools including Director of Studies in the UK (2007-2015) and has worked with groups and individuals as a processworker in many settings.
She is passionate about sharing the skills and tools of process work with people who are new to the ideas and finding ways for people who experience marginalisation, for any reason, to learn and use those tools in whatever situation they find themselves.