A facilitator, teacher, psychotherapist and serial social entrepreneur, with a passion and track record in transformational change in communities, organisations and participative democracy, inclusion and diversity. After many years working to develop new initiatives in social care I co-founded Diversity Matters with my partner Pat Black. This work is about inclusion and deep democracy, finding ways to welcome all the different life experiences, perspectives and gifts we have between us. I am also a fervent lover of long distance cycling, camping and wild places, song-writing and singing in the shower.

Organisation (Diversity Matters)
Diversity Matters has been working for a more inclusive Scotland since 2001 and has won four different national and international award for its work, including innovation, life long learning, changing work place practice. The long term aim is that communities work for everyone. Lack of inclusion has a huge impact. We not only deny everyone access to the gifts, talents and contributions of those we exclude but we also create a poverty of relationship too. In order to work on this problem we develop projects, ideas and initiatives. These include ‘the Everyone-Together Project’ which helps to shape citizen control and involvement in social care and health fields and or work with theatre and other arts to bring awareness to the unheralded gifts, contributions and dreams of all citizens. We always work teams and draw membership from people with widely diverse backgrounds because this brings the most strength, creativity and fun to the projects we are engaged in.

Experience with Processwork and Elos Philosophy
I has been studying Processwork formally since 2001 and I am a core faculty member in the UK and Spanish schools of Processwork. My enthusiasm is in ecological and systemic thinking and in the relationship between the inner experience and intuition of the facilitator and how the local field or context helps shape and brings forth different roles and perspectives. In the 1990’s concerned about the isolation and loneliness experienced by some people I was supporting to leave institutional care, I trained and was enthused by the Asset Based Community Development approach (ABCD).  I was excited and heartened to discover the Elos philiosphy which takes very similar core principles but applies them in incredibly practical ways that give positive feedback to communities about their ability to act and awareness of their talents. It is a truly deep pleasure to be part of the Go Deep project team and to contribute to what has emerged through this creative collaboration.