I have been working in the social field for 20 years with different organizations: companies, associations and cooperatives. From 2005 to 2012 I was involved in a cooperative project (Lares S.coop) where I became familiar with the social and solidary-based economy, which at present has become a part of many aspects of my life.

I am currently working as a trainer and social consultant from the process work approach in different dimensions: personal, group and community.

I like to learn, create and experiment with innovative methodologies and I love being a companion of personal and collective wisdom. If I delve deeper into why I do what I do, I find that all people and all communities can be more than they think they can be.


I am a facilitator of Oasis, I became familiar with this methodology in 2008 in Mexico and from that moment I felt in love with it. I trained at the Oasis Training in Barcelona and Brazil, at Prainha Branca. I am part of the GSA Madrid group, boosting and promoting the Elos philosophy in Spain. I have facilitated the following Oasis: San Nicasio Oasis, Vallekas Oasis and Moviliza Lozoya (an adaptation of the Oasis from a Multigenerational perspective). Along with other colleagues from GSA Madrid, we won the Fellowship “for a long and full life” organized by Impact Hub Madrid.


I began to walk this path in 2014, looking for answers to personal conflicts, and I also found a way to work with people, groups and communities. I am currently studying the Diploma at the Process Work Institute of Barcelona, Phase II. I am putting process work into practice through individual, relational and group guidance. I have also co-facilitated several trainings from this approach: the seminar on leadership in Madrid in 2015 and another one on deep democracy in 2017 with Leticia Mendoza. I also co-facilitated in 2017 the meeting “The world and me”, organized by the Human Conflict Transformation Center.

Since Godeep started, I have been part of the Altekio S.coop team, putting into practice the ELOS philosophy and the process work methodology, and a facilitator member of GoDeep Grottaglie and Godeep Lozoya.