After the closure of the projects “Go Deep Together in Diversity” and “Go Deep in Education” we took a few months of reflection and silence, and come out wit lot of energy to present you a new Go Deep Game line: Resilinece.

We had big plans prepared for 2020, but suddenly, in the middle of this retreat, we were taken by surprise by the eruption of Covid-19, this invisible, omnipresent agent that seems to lurk around every corner and that has modified in a matter of weeks the reality of the world in which we live.

We felt for a moment in the confusion, in which, if we are honest, some of us still continue: at times there is fear and pain , at others the feeling of facing a great opportunity. We have many questions and not many answers, and the certainty that the world will never be the same again, and we wonder here:

  • How will the new world that is coming be?
  • What can I/we contribute now that can make this dramatic situation more bearable?
  • Can I participate in the creation of this new world and reality that little by little is taking shape?
  • Can this be an opportunity to empower our communities and take leadership in changing the world, creating the one we want?
  • Can we play Go Deep online?

…And in that confusion, a burst of energy and creativity emerges to put itself at the service of the community and create the new line of Resilience

Starting today, for the next five weeks we will launch a new Resilience Line card every Wednesday, which we invite you to play, and share with whoever you feel is your community at this strange time. We hope to see you soon, maybe not on the streets, but to start, on a big screen for you to share your experiences with us.

Are you ready?