Facilitator, Trainer, Coach and Student with 20 years experience been involved in projects around Social justice, youth education and community work. My travels and relationships around the world opened my heart and connected me with a huge diversity of cultures and perspectives of life.

I believe in Diversity and participation as a way to create conscious and sustainable communities, and believe that the collective wisdom present in any group is the core competence to solve any dilemma or challenge that may appear on its path.

Due to my curiosity and joy to research and discover new ways on my facilitation training path, I have explored different techniques and tools such as Process Oriented Psychology, Worldwork, Oasis Game, Visual Facilitation, Systemic Facilitation, Coaching, Permaculture, Theatre of the Oppressed, Clowning and Nonviolent Communication.
I’m really passionate about the systemic thinking approach and the experience of the individual as a channel of the group. If I get deeper into this, what really fascinates me is how the quality in our relationships with the outer world and with ourselves transforms when we allow ourselves, as individuals to connect deeply with our inner sense and that brings an awareness of ourselves as being part of something much bigger, part of an
ecosystem bringing us the perfect challenges to keep growing as human beings and groups.
I have been involved in different projects around youth and prevention of violence, Gender, Queer and Trans* Issues and have a lot of experience around this topic, Mental Health, Diversity and Community Building.
As somebody educated in feminist values, it’s important for me to bring gender perspectives to my work and explore how to apply it in diverse forms.
In these last years this is changing to an intersectional perspective that considers many of the different systems that organize us as human beings e.g. race, class or functional diversity. I have to recognize that even all these years, the more time I spend learning, the less I have the feeling of knowing. If instead of denying imperfection and vulnerability, we recognize them, they can even become a tool of force.

Experience with Process Work and Elos Philosophy
Around 2010, concerned about the difficulties experienced in intentional communities and social movements to manage our own tensions and achieve our dreams, I began to really explore deeply and learn about different methods and tools that could support groups to access its own potential and collective wisdom.
My first experience with Process Work was in 2010 and I have been studying it formally since 2011, currently I am a Phase II student of Process Work Diploma in Barcelona. I apply Process Work in my trainings and interventions as a group facilitator, and since 2015 I have been accompanying people in their individual processes. I am in the last stage to achieve my Diploma and am working on my final project about “Men and Violence Dynamics”.

My relation with Elos Philosophy is through my colleague Conchi Piñeiro, who introduced me to experiences of the Oasis Game, since then I have organized and been part of the Oasis Training in Barcelona (2014) and a participant in Oasis training in Prainha Branca (Brasil).