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Support our crowdfunding to support displaced people and locals to transform their communities together!

The Go Deep in Diversity program brings together refugees, migrants and their host communities, inviting them to use their potential for a deeper understanding of the challenges they face in transforming their communities according to their collective dream. Guided by an award-winning game format, diverse people go through a program together to create collective, jointly decided, designed and executed projects and possible solutions to problems.

From the beginning of the fall of 2018 Go Deep programs are being implemented across Europe to explore and show the power of community as a source for innovation and relationship between refugees, migrants and locals. One hundred participants will work on eight to ten actions/projects in three different cities, in socially challenged neighborhoods.

We need your support to guarantee three main elements for these participants and communities;
scholarships for 30 participants to attend the Go Deep trainings
– contributions to the costs of events and physical results that the groups decide to create together
– contributions to the on-going support for the refugees, migrants and locals afterwards to make sure they can continue collaborating

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