Measuring the transformational impact

Throughout the years that we have been playing Go Deep, we have been collecting narratives from the people who have participated and facilitated the game.

These narratives are very inspiring and nutritional when it comes to continuing to develop the game and, in addition, they help us measure the capacity for transformation and the impact it generates on people, groups and communities.

Once the narratives are compiled, we read them carefully and identify the ability, skill or discovery that people have made, and this fuels our narrative of change.

Narrative of Tranformation

We call Narrative of Transformation because the game establishes a framework in which many things can happen spontaneously; let’s say that the game creates an environment for the invisible to emerge.

We understand the Narrative of Transformation on three levels: personal, community and society. They are levels on different scales but they are undoubtedly inter-related, and changes in each of them affect the other levels.

The transformation elements or factors are extracted from the narratives shared by the participants, through our Social Impact Assessment (SIA) mechanism.