Go Deep & Go Beyond.

How can we create spaces of radical inclusion? How can we embrace diversity without creating more polarisation? Is there a possibility to Go Deep in our interactions, embrace all perspectives and Go Beyond together?

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What is Go Deep

Go Deep is a Game where participants learn
about themselves and their communities.
It supports individuals and communities to see themselves differently,
to discover the inherent resources that are present but maybe not obvious.
It makes it more likely that the impossible can become possible!


Winner of the Global Education Innovation Award 2017

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to support displaced people and locals
to transform their communities together.



Go Deep is a game that can be played by anyone interested in the future of a community. It is a like a journey, where, using different sets of cards, groups of people travel along imaginary metro lines to deepen their awareness of the community, enhance leadership and facilitation skills and create actions for community transformation.

Go Deep is a process where participants learn about themselves, about their communities or neighbourhoods and acquire new skills for the facilitation of relationships and groups. It supports new ways to communicate, and different perspectives and ways of identifying resources that, after the game can also be applied by everyone in their daily life.

Go Deep is an experience, not easily explained through words, yet deep and enjoyable, that brings with it amazing resources, creativity and the potential for change and empowerment.