Go Deep is a game where participants learn about themselves and their communities. It supports individuals and communities to see themselves differently, to discover the inherent resources that are present but maybe not obvious.

It makes it more likely that the impossible can become possible!

Winner of the Global Education Innovation Award 2017

Go Deep is a game that is played by any group that is interested in the future of a community. It is a like a journey, where groups of people travel through the cards along imaginary metro lines to deepen their leadership and facilitation skills and create actions and community transformations for everyone.

Go Deep is a game where participants learn about themselves, about their communities and get new skills about the facilitation of human relations and communities, communication, and different perspectives and resources that, after the game can be applied in their daily life.

Go Deep is an experience, not easy to be explained in words, but deep and enjoyable, that brings with it amazing resources, creativity and a huge potential for change and empowerment.

The ticket is for free, everyone is welcome on this train, this journey will be a challenge for you but will show you the beauty and potential inside you, your group and your community.

Villages, towns, cities, neighbourhoods are complex, it takes time, energy and the help of a guide to explore all the parts. We don’t need to know how to operate a metro train in order to get around, but we have a better time when we can be open to who and what we meet on the journey.

Which line will you play?