We believe that materializing the best of all worlds is possible if we can do it of our own free will, with no suffering and with the assurance that our efforts are effective!

Our actions, tools, program, and projects are based on the Elos Philosophy, which comprises seven disciplines: Gaze, Affection, Dream, Care, Miracle, Celebration, and Re-evolution.

Gaze; The gaze consists of exercising and cultivating an appreciative outlook on the community and its environment in order to create a scenario of abundant resources and possibilities, enhancing each person’s presence and potential for contribution.

Affection; Affection is what stimulates people to create affectionate relationships, fostering the emergence of mutual care and trust – elements that feed and strengthen collective work. The exercise of listening is an essential skill for this discipline.

Dream; To dream means to provide the appropriate space and relationship for the expression of the best and deepest aspirations in us all. It means building an image of the best we would like to achieve, transcending our habitual practice of only identifying problems. Typically, the deeper, more genuine and more precious the dream, the more support it finds from the entire community.

Care; Care consists of carefully planning strategies and projects that will widely meet the expectations of a set of common dreams. The group operates in response to the question of how to walk together while taking care of oneself, of others and of a shared dream all at the same time.

Miracle; Miracle is what we call collective action motivated by the group’s best qualities and skills, equipped with the abundance of existing resources within the community, confident in the affectional bonds that unite them, and motivated by their best common dreams. It is an extraordinary gift that you give to yourself and to others.

Celebration; A celebration is a reunion after a course of action in order to share the joy of joint accomplishment, recognize and celebrate each person’s contribution to the collective achievement. It is when the concrete physical achievement and the lived experience make even more sense because they are nurturing the celebration of life.

Re-evolution; To create a re-evolution is to think about the future and plan actions to materialize new challenges, always together and with new momentum created by the joy of seeing dreams come true.

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